The Path of The Humane Technologist 📚⚙

What Makes a Humane Technologist?

Max Loeffler

But what about the people creating the technology?

How Are We Doing At Nurturing The Next Generation of Technologists?

Cast of the HBO show Silicon Valley

“Human development and education are often the elephant in the room when it comes to calls for system-level change.” — Zak Stein

CEO of OpenAI and the former president of Y Combinator believes we should go even faster 🤔 There is a lot to critique about this culture. I believe slowness is important medicine for Silicon Valley.


Eliash Strongowski

What would you have this person study in school?

Who would you introduce as role models for them?

What initiations or challenging experiences would you have them face?

What skills would you have them learn?

What questions would you have them sit with?

Proposing New Curricula

What is an alternative to the unicorn mindset? Zebras Unite offers a more ethical and inclusive alternative to unicorn culture that is killing us. Similarly, I don’t believe we get Zebra companies without Zebra people.
Please fill out this form if you are interested in engaging with or supporting a curriculum like this, or have feedback and ideas to share! I am in the process of prototyping content and experiences throughout 2021.
Indicators of Wellbeing that JumpScale analyzes in developing a treatment plan. The curriculum I’m proposing is a more technologist-focused version, with a special focus on idea and early stage founders.

A New Story Of Success

Mark Henson
Joshua Mays

“All that you touch, You Change.

All that you Change, Changes you.”

Next Steps



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