Andrew Murray Dunn
2 min readMar 10, 2021


:) I had cut out this from the end:

Appendix: Final Note on Embodiment

I’m really getting that how you do one thing is how you do everything. That how you do that thing is as important as what you do. That what you choose to work on can be a powerful teacher when you open to the lessons. That slowness and stillness down allows you to receive those lessons, see more clearly, experience the richness of life. That the medicine you need is the medicine you have to offer.

As I undergo a career transition from Messianic founder to humble educator, my #1 guide star has been to embody the essence of my message. Walk the talk. Practice what I preach.

Ha, easier said than done. I keep forgetting, slipping back from the void into grind. It’s uncomfortable; questioning deep personal mindsets, letting go of closely held stories and ways of being in the world and with the world, connecting with new levels of trust and patience, finding new rhythms that better support my nervous system. There’s a cosmic joke quality to that Siempo was all about helping people find balance, and yet I had to step away from operating it in order to discover true balance. That I know my tight cheeks and rapid heart beat are telling me to take a break from writing, and yet 9 times out of 10 I will continue to write.

I’m proud of how I’ve danced with this baby so far. In November I was excited to write a book on the topic. In December I wondered about an online course. In January I started drafting this blog post to test the concept of a course. In February it felt clear that a small community of practice was the natural next step. Now, I don’t know! Maybe it’s a combination of some of those things, or nothing at all.

Through engaging in cycles of exploration and stepping away, I feel like I’m only getting closer to the thing that I actually want to do in the next phase of my life, that embodies the essence of the medicine I need and have to offer, and that naturally fits into the needs of life on Earth, including and especially my own. Something about a doula for ideas, personalized learning journeys for humane technologists, in-person in-nature coaching, creating ritual practices and technologies to support integration and transformation..

I’m grateful for the opportunity to practice showing up to this work in a new way. Thank you for supporting me in taking those next steps.