Part I: A Cautionary Tale of Power x Awakening

This is a coming of age story. The trials and tribulations of coming into and out of Saviorism. My intention is to shed light on how Savior / Messiah / Hero’s Journey complex originates and operates in a growing segment of Silicon Valley. I believe its trending expression is an important psychological and cultural phenomenon to understand. My hope is this case study may offer clues to relevant stakeholders to avoid recreating the harmful systems many of us are working to transform.

My story is Part I. My analysis + learnings…

This piece is about my intentions for the upcoming year (per the start date of the Jewish calendar). I wrote it for my own clarity, and am sharing it so the words are heard by you, dear human in my orbit.

On New Year Day 2020 I published Andrew Dunn 2020: Weaving Bridges to Freedom to signal to the world who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do moving forward. I was going through a big life transition: winding my way out of a company (Siempo) of four years and a home (Bay Area) for six. It…

PART I: How I wound up in a tent in the high desert of SW New Mexico plotting to take down the two-party system.

My intention in writing this piece is to summarize and share a powerful experience I had in 2020 while volunteering for One Nation Party USA (since pivoted into the Independent National Union). This Part I is the story and perspective of a core member. Part II (coming soon) will be more of an analysis of One Nation as a community and political vehicle.

My story is far from the whole story of what the team went…

This is a follow up to Part I (Postmortem for Siempo: A Humane Tech Startup☀️📲) in which I chronicle the startup’s journey, takeaways and outstanding questions. The intention of Part II is to outline a comprehensive and up-to-date vision for Siempo, so that those who wish to take up the work may find some inspiration from those who spent years in deep inquiry around what it could be.

Andrei Verner: Zion Future City.

Note: I want to acknowledge all that has not been included here, the potential impact of any misused ideas, and any harmful patterns I am unconsciously perpetuating through a limited and distorted…

This is a postmortem about Siempo, Inc. — a Public Benefit Corporation whose mission was to create technology that protects and promotes human thriving. We built the first humane smartphone interface. Siempo was officially dissolved and removed from the Play Store on the Winter Solstice 2020, but its essence lives on as an open source project and in the lives of those who used it and engaged in the conversation around humanity’s relationship with technology.

This is Part I of the postmortem, in standard startup fashion. Part II is a Vision for The Next Siempo 💡🗺 .

Siempo core feature set

Andrew here, Operations…

Part II: Noticing Patterns of History in Tech & Business.
Questioning Popular Narratives in Spiritual Communities.
Inquiring How To Be With It All.

This is a follow up to Part I: Autobiography of Silicon Valley Savior ⛔️💪🏻🌍 in which I track the subtle dynamics of my journey into and out of savior complex. tldr: high achieving privileged white bro scratches itches to make a lot of money, get enlightened, and save the world in order to feel whole.

Part II is an analysis of that story, a mapping of a gigantic and multifaceted topic, and a reflection for the professional…

My intention in writing this piece is to share an unexpected experience I had on this year’s Spring Equinox, marking a joyous milestone in my ongoing journey towards coming into right relationship with the living Earth. First I’ll share the story, then I’ll add some commentary. This is a follow up to last fall’s Let The Gifting Games Begin 🏁🎁.

I wrote this on land that has long been stewarded by the Karuk people.

Late Winter at Mossbrae Falls, Dunsmuir, CA

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy.

I awoke and saw that life was service.

I acted and behold, service was joy.”

Rabindranath Tagore

Best. Spring. Equinox. Ever.

My intention in writing this piece is to spark conversation around an important meta-question, propose a personal development curriculum for technologists, and connect with those who are ready to jump into the mystery of this work.

I wrote this on land that has long been stewarded by the Karuk people.

What Makes a Humane Technologist?

Max Loeffler

It’s a critical question that deserves more attention if we want to make good on the promises of the movement. …

This letter is meant to be a conversation starter and rally point for folks in the Wharton community and broader business world who are interested in the evolution of one of society’s most influential institutions: the business school.

If you would like to participate in the conversation, fill out this quick form, join the Wharton Wisdom Facebook Group (if affiliated), or get in touch with me directly. I would be thrilled and honored to hear your reflections and ideas.

UPDATE 3/6/21: The Daily Pennsylvanian published an abridged version of this piece!

Dear Wharton + the modern business school community,


Note A: I drafted this piece in late 2017 but never published until I started drafting a post-mortem for Siempo in late 2020. Enjoy!

What a time to be a young, privelaged white guy and running a startup in Silicon Valley. What comes to mind when you think of that person?

Four years ago in India I began a journey. It started with my relationship to technology, and has since permeated all other aspects of my life experience. In the process, I’ve come closer to knowing who I am, what I value and how and where to direct my energy…

Andrew Murray Dunn

Regenerative Tech | Business | Culture | Life. Co-founder @getsiempo, Digital Wellness Collective, @Wharton Wisdom.

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